Friday, 18 January 2013

Two Short Films by Davide Melini - The Puzzle (2008) and The Sweet Hand of the White Rose (2010)

Davide Melini is a talented upcoming Italian filmmaker based in M├ílaga, Spain, who has worked in Rome as an assistant director on many features including working with Italy’s much lauded auteur Dario Argento on the final part of his Three Mother’s Trilogy - ‘Mother of Tears: The Third Mother’ (2007). Backed with his own financing Melini has written and directed four short films (two Italian and two Spanish) and he is at this moment working on a fifth, a homage to the giallo genre entitled Deep Shock. The latter two completed Spanish productions the experimental ‘The Puzzle’ and the supernatural themed ‘The Sweet Hand of the White Rose’ are in review here. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Texas Chainsaw (2013) - A 2D Review and the Slasher Horror Franchises

The Slasher Horror Franchises

Franchises, namely horror franchises and more defining slasher horror franchises. Since the mid/late-80s, no matter how diminishing the quality of each entry into an ongoing series of a slasher icon’s rampaging adventures as long as the green is being emptied from the pockets of the readymade audiences of these genre brand names the studio executives will shamelessly with little hesitation immediately greenlight the next instalment. The hungry fanboys will lap up anything that is put down in front of them despite the lack of freshly baked new ideas that is being brought to the table. The same time the fans are being fed yet more of what they love, they keep the cash cow fat that the suits keep well in line as a business model not willing to tamper with its structure with creative thinking to take it into a new direction. They consider it a risk in the worry that they might lose the consumer demographic that has been so good to them. If something is not broken why fix it?