Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bloody Reunion (2006)

Some of our most vivid memories of school are the teachers who taught us be it the good or bad experiences we had with them. A good memory I have of one at my old secondary school (high school to you American readers) in South East London was a supply teacher we had once named Clyde Gatell, an American from Brooklyn who was teaching on the side while trying to break into acting. He was a nice laid-back man who talked fondly of his experiences working with Tim Burton on 1989’s ‘Batman’ while filming the flashback sequence depicting the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents in which he played the other mugger. I remember him mimicking my strong South London accent one time making me laugh.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Love Butcher (1975)

Gruesome murders of young beautiful naked women are depicted in ‘The Love Butcher’. It is a rare ultra-low budget slasher forerunner that was released on the grindhouse and drive-in circuits a year after Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Bob Clark’s ‘Black Christmas’ and three years before John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ - genre landmarks that would mould the American modern horror landscape. It was given a slightly wider release in 1982 in an attempt to capitalize on the then booming sub-genre that was induced by Sean C. Cunningham’s gory elaboration in 1980 with Friday the 13th. Despite being ahead of its time in 1975, due to its limited distribution and despite its early ‘80s lesser limited re-release as it got lost in the sea of red of all the slashers released every weekend becoming just one of the blood pack it largely went unnoticed putting a damper on any influential potential it might of had.