Saturday, 9 September 2017

Visiting the Perverted: Visitor Q (2001)

'Visitor Q' ('Bijitâ Q', 2001) is director Takashi Miike’s contribution to the Love Cinema series, which is made up of six ultra-low budget straight-to-video releases by independent filmmakers. They were made as an experimental project that explored Digital Video, in order to highlight the medium’s benefits for filmmakers in being cost effective and easy to use – low-lighting conditions, more mobility, etc. This is the last entry of the project.


  1. There are many movies that are labeled as
    "most shocking...disturbing...provocative...etc..etc..etc" but VISITOR Q (in my opinion) is one of those who really earned his tags. Thanks to Rapid Eye Movies (german label who started distributing asian movies back in 2000) we were able to "enjoy" Miikes AUDITION, DEAD OR ALIVE and even VISITOR Q in small arthouse theaters over here and for me it was "love" at first sight. I never witnessed an bigger "walk out" rate at the movies as with this "love cinema".
    That one was so much ahead of its time...long before trashy "reality TV" became to be a thing on our public television.
    Some of those images still stick with me until the day.
    Milky motherly mayhem at its very best.

    1. Visitor Q most certainly does live up to its reputation. I would’ve loved to see it in a theatre when it was released, and see that audience reaction as well. The imagery really does push the envelope, and it’s something that haunts me whenever I watch the film or think about it.