Cinematic Shocks is back and accepting review submissions again from PR companies and indie filmmakers. Please get in touch about sending me screeners to the blog’s new e-mail address -

If I agree to do a write-up of your feature or short film, I’ll give you the date of when the article will be up and I’ll notify you as soon as it is. If it’s going to be a little late, I’ll tell you as soon as I can. If I don’t agree to do a write-up, don’t take it personally, as I have to prioritise because I have other sections of the site to write for.   

Please no hounding - when I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Patience is a virtue. Part of how I promote Cinematic Shocks is that I’m unbiased and honest and that’s what you’ll get with my reviews. So, if I don’t like stuff about your film or I just flat out don’t like it - tough! You should prefer me to be honest rather than bullshit you, and I have too much respect for my readers to bullshit them. What you will always get though regardless of whether it’s a positive, mixed or negative write-up is a well-written piece as I put a lot of care and effort into everything I write.

If you’re the owner of a horror/exploitation blog or website or a general movie site that also covers this and you’re interested in doing a link exchange with me please contact me by the same e-mail address above.

Thank you,